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About RoboVeg

RoboVeg RV1 selectively harvesting broccoli
Machine vision & robotics 
working in perfect harmony
Our Company
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Automation for Agriculture

RoboVeg was developed with growers' needs at the heart of every design decision. The team worked with UK and overseas growers; the BGA and the AHDB.

The lead Engineer, Peter Keeling, comes with first-hand experience of growing cauliflower commercially, This introduced some of the issue’s farmers faced, such as realising that the costs of harvesting crops can be as much as a multiple of 15 times the planting costs.


He was determined to find a better way.

Benefits to Growers
Reduced costs, improved production control & MI

RoboVeg has the potential to significantly reduce manual labour as it is designed to be operated by one person and can run for up to 24 hours per day.  Working for long periods with consistency would improve growers’ ability to control production costs.


Improved uniformity of harvested products will reduce pack-house and logistics costs. In addition, affordable night harvesting, when ambient temperatures are lower, will improve shelf-life, product quality and could reduce refrigeration costs.

Flexible Rig Design
The Team

Although RoboVeg is a genuinely ground-breaking harvesting solution, our Engineers have been determined to develop it in such a way as to ensure that maintenance and updates are as straightforward and problem-free as possible.


We have used commercially available, tried and tested, technology in many areas. As a result, the robots and cameras can be switched in and out of the system as required.


This also means that the harvester is to some extent ‘future-proof’ as upgraded robots and cameras can be installed on a more-or-less ‘plug-and-play’ basis.


Work started on this project with founder and Lead Engineer Peter, as part of KMS Projects.  He soon brought Estwick George into the team as Lead Technician with his computing expertise and later Mike Phillips, an expert vision systems.


Together they formed RoboVeg.
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