Flexible Rig Design

RoboVeg has been designed as a modular machine.  This modular approach means that the harvester is supremely flexible.

It can be adapted to suit planting schemes, plant varieties, topography and grower preferences.  It can be extended to become a multiple module machine or adapted

to be a self-propelled unit.


It can also be customised to undertake additional activities in the field, such as weeding between plants or floreting.

This flexibility means that RoboVeg can

be made to suit the differing requirements

of growers around the globe.

Although RoboVeg is a genuinely ground-breaking harvesting solution, Our Engineers have been determined to develop it in such a way as to ensure that maintenance

and updates are as straightforward and problem-free as possible.


We have used commercially available,

tried and tested, technology in many areas.

As a result, the robots and cameras can

be switched in and out of the system

as required.


This also means that the harvester is to some extent ‘future-proof’ as upgraded robots and cameras can be installed

on a more-or-less ‘plug-and-play’ basis.

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