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Pointed Headed Cabbage added to RoboVeg harvesting range

RoboVeg | Pointed Cabbage harvester

RoboVeg now ready to harvest both Broccoli and Pointed Cabbage.

If we can see it, we can pick it.

With significant benefits to Brassica growers, RoboVeg will reduce harvesting labour costs, improve production control and give greater management information.

Get improved returns from our intelligent selective Harvesters as they can now harvest both broccoli and pointed cabbage, at just a touch of a button!

RoboVeg | Pointed Headed Cabbage Harvester mapping

The vision system, integrated in the RV range, scans the field as the machine moves forward, locating the brassica heads and accurately sending coordinates to the robots.

A new brassica harvesting cutting hand has been designed specifically for this new harvester, allowing precise length cutting of the brassica stems and selection of required crown sizes according to your customers specifications.

Ground-breaking harvesting solutions from RoboVeg


Make sure that you can get your RV Harvester for next season by requesting a personalised quotation at

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