Harvesting with RoboVeg

RoboVeg has been designed to be operated

by just one person.  This individual drives the tractor, but is also the harvester's operator

and will therefore require some prior training.

Job specifications and instructions can be uploaded either inside the tractor cab using

the HMI (Human Machine Interface) which integrates with ISOBUS, or remotely using

the onboard communications hub.

RoboVeg has been tested successfully

on a number of commonly grown varieties

of broccoli such as Ironman and Parthenon.  With A.I. (artificial intelligence) at the heart

of the vision system, adapting RoboVeg

to others is a straight forward adaptation.

Control and Data Analytics

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The grower can be very specific in terms

of cutting instructions.  The size range can

be determined to within a few millimetres

and the preferred length of stalk can also

be specified.

As RoboVeg collects and communicates data

in real time as it traverses the fields, both

the operator and farm office staff will be able to keep abreast of progress against targets

as well as make commercially advantageous decisions and assessments on the spot.


RoboVeg has the potential to offer yield-mapping functions in real-time and also

to allow access to historical data and maps.

RoboVeg at Night (Right).png

Harvesting twenty-four seven 

The harvester is capable of working in all light conditions, in fact it is best suited to working

in the dark which makes it perfect for night harvesting.


This means that continuous 24 hour, 7 day operation is theoretically possible.

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