The Automated, Selective
Broccoli Harvester

Selective, Automated Harvesting

RoboVeg in Action

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Our film shows a single module pre-production prototype out in the field harvesting commercially grown broccoli.

The Case For Automation

Reducing labour, wastage & costs 

The current manual harvesting process

is both labour intensive, expensive and

wastes as much as 45% of the crop.


A Brief Description

Developed over the last 10 years by KMS Projects, RoboVeg is believed to be the most advanced selective, automated broccoli harvesting solution in the world.

Harvesting with RoboVeg

Operating the machine

RoboVeg was developed with grower needs

at the heart of every design decision.

The team worked with UK and overseas growers; the BGA and the AHDB.

What's more, the lead Engineer came with

first-hand experience of growing cauliflower.

The result?  An automated broccoli

harvester capable of operating 24 hours a day without tiring, cutting broccoli heads which exactly match customers’ specifications,

reducing growers’ reliance on manual labour

and cutting harvesting costs significantly

Flexible Rig Design

Modular Machine

RoboVeg has been designed as a modular machine and is therefore supremely

adaptable.  The current prototype is a single module pre-production rig.

wide field20.jpg
Benefits to Growers

Reduced costs, improved production control & management information

RoboVeg has the potential to significantly reduce manual labour as it is designed

to be operated by one person and run

for up to 24 hours per day.  Working for long periods with consistency would improve growers’ ability to control production costs.


Improved uniformity of harvested products

will reduce pack-house and logistics costs

and affordable night harvesting when ambient temperatures are lower will improve shelf-life and product quality and could reduce refrigeration costs

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