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Automated, selective vegetable harvesters

Ground-breaking harvesting solutions from RoboVeg

Developed over the last decade, RoboVeg is believed to be the most advanced selective, automated broccoli harvesting solution in the world, with potential to cover a wide range of vegetable harvesting.

Our Engineers have been determined to develop RoboVeg harvesters in such a way as to ensure that maintenance and updates are as straightforward and problem-free as possible.

With significant benefits to broccoli growers, RoboVeg will reduce harvesting labour costs, improve production control and give greater management information.

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See our harvesters, RV1 and RV3, in operation.

Manual broccoli harvesting | RoboVeg

Is Agricultural Automation a viable solution for Seasonal Workers shortage?

November 2020


An article on the BBC caught our attention as it is part of the case for RoboVeg developing its selective, automated vegetable harvester.